Calm Seas

calm seas

my words are not lost
but sunk
(not in a bad way)

deep in calm waters
far from churning waves
and strong currents
they rest on the sand
dappled with light
from gentle ripples

they wait

and if the storm comes
if the sea gets rough
they’ll rise in the swell
be there when I need them
to let out some pain

but for now

they wait

for I am with you
and with you
is all
calm seas

for Bruce (of course) and for Trent who misses our words 🙂



my heart is swelled
fat full and brimming
a surfeit cornucopia
each beat a pulse of love
for you, for all of you
my family, my people
my precious, precious ones
and to my heart
I hold you tight
and tender


in the absence
of bees
there is air in my lungs
and calm in my soul
and the pain of the sting
is fast fading
in the absence
of bees
comes the easing of fear
and my mind can let go
into sleep


   into roots
   tentative shoots
   testing the air

may we
allow ourselves
to dare
   to believe
in brighter
   warmer days
in lighter
   calmer ways

in the
   radiance of spring


every quiet day
spent with you
is a comforting balm
to my soul
calm mornings
easy afternoons
warm evenings
and I am nearly wordless
not because
my mind is tangled
more that
my mind is soothed
and stilled
and gentled
and smiles are hard to write

sunshine & breezes

I have gentled myself
in the softest of breezes
I have smiled at myself
in the kindest of ways
and the sun
as it shines
in the blue skies
above me
is beaming with joy
through the shimmering haze

summer’s haze

20130708-134259.jpgmy hair fills my face
teased by the breeze
my feet are tickled
by prickling grass
my back is just
beginning to ache
I’m changing position
with every breath
my jeans I fear
may be slightly damp
I swear an ant went
somewhere it shouldn’t
and yet ..
and yet I sit
beneath this tree
embracing the wildness
and living this moment
my lunch break escape
where nothing else matters
but here and now
and feeling this feeling
of warmth and contentment
relaxation and calm
alone but not lonely
in summer’s haze


may I rest here a while
in this moment
may I stay for a time
in this place
where my mind is at peace
where my being is calm
where my breath moves
within and without
in no rush
where there’s no heaviness
‘cept the weight
of your hand
and the warmth
of your kiss
in the hush


some days are like drowning
sinking down in the blue
’til you reach down to save me
when I come home to you
I rush up with bubbles
leave the darkness below
bob up to the surface
to be wrapped in your glow


the hedge
‘gainst the darkening sky
leaves flutter
and flicker
in blustery wind
as I watch
and I rest
in a moment of quiet
feel the breath
in my lungs
feel my feet
on the ground
feel myself
feeling calm and content