morning moon

the morning moon hangs low over the treetops like a ripe fruit watching over the hills calm and serene across the valley the sun stretches and yawns sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds grabbing attention dazzling eyes the morning moon rests wide smiling face relaxed soft and gently glowing patiently biding time til darkness falls again

All Out

a little too comfortable to write angst-ridden words a little too calm now to rage at life’s hurts a little too cosy to be feeling alone a little too love-kissed to be needing to moan I’m all out of words here just happy with you and feeling quite sleepy there’s snuggling to do


swirling twirling thoughts flow as gentle eddies in a calm blue pool under a quiet sky the blanket of night pulled over me relaxed and drifting soothing rocking motion sending me to sleep safe in the embrace of my future hope

A Moment

Life is Suddenly Overwhelming Sometimes Noise, chatter, small talk, do this, do that, keep smiling, don’t stop, keep moving… I am one Who needs Quiet and peace And time and space Breathing deeper, slower, calmer, letting go of knotted muscles tense and tight… My mind is Far away From here