Christmas Magic

I know some people may feel it’s a little early but what’s more magical than Christmas sparkle and twinkly lights? We’ve put our tree up early this year to cheer us up in the dark nights, and fend of the darkness of depressing/frustrating news stories. Light and bright, bringing hope, and reminding us to hold…… Continue reading Christmas Magic

light up the dark

we we are humanity and throughout the centuries we have proved over and over that we have the capacity for great evil terrible acts of violence power-hungry obsessions clawing our way to awful heights on the backs of the innocent but we also have the capacity for great love so love love hugely love widely…… Continue reading light up the dark

Weekly Photo Challenge: New … AKA Dragonflies by candlelight

My sister gave me a pair of lovely little candle holders for Christmas, with delicate dragonflies flying round them. Seems perfect for the challenge this week – brand new and beautiful too! Thank you Sarah! 🙂 In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light

I was pleased to see that the weekly photo challenge this week is based on light – that gave me the perfect excuse to light a candle and have some fun taking photos. It’s been cold out and I’ve been a bit uninspired with the lack of flowers and insects and other nice things, but…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light


Last night we experimented with photographing flames in the dark. These are my best shots. I’m particularly fond of that last one – the flame got blown by a breeze just as I took the photo, exposing the red hot wick, which makes for a bit of a different shot from the normal flame photos.