Trees have flowers too, like Hazel and its lovely dangly catkins. The catkins are the male flowers and there are also tiny female flowers which are not so noticeable.   A closer look at the female flower that you might have spotted in the previous photo: And another:


The weather has improved and the storms are now over. The clear up has got underway in town, and out here all is calm and there’s even been some sunshine! It has turned a lot colder, but that is the price we pay for calmer weather I guess. Today we went out for a walk…… Continue reading Sunshine

Catkins and Other Springy Things

We went for a walk in the woods down by the river this afternoon, and I was looking out for signs of spring. There were quite a lot of catkins dangling and some lovely green fresh honeysuckle leaves (I think). Also in this group of photos is the remains of a beechnut, just the outer…… Continue reading Catkins and Other Springy Things