Blurred Petals

In order to focus closely on the stamens in these lovely spring Celandines, I have let the petals be blurred and out of focus. When taking close-up photos, you are constantly making decisions about which bits to keep in focus and which to blur. Even when you are using a tripod it’s hard to take a photo where everything is in focus at this distance. However, I think the blurring adds to the photo, directing your eye just where I wanted you to look …



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blur.”


Curled Bee


This little bee looks cute curled up on this Celandine. In reality it was busy visiting flowers, but I captured a moment when it was curled round looking like it was having a doze!


Sunshine Flower


Celandines are so bright and cheery aren’t they? This one caught my eye and I got down low to get this shot. I like to call it ‘sunshine on a stem’ 🙂

This one is the same flower from a more usual angle:



Sign of Spring

IMG_8411Celandines are a great sign of springtime so it’s great to see them all around in the hedgerows at the moment. Just in the last week the numbers have swelled and they seem to be everywhere. Lovely little golden stars brightening everything up. I got in really close for this shot showing all the tiny stamens.