Change of season

The seasons are definitely changing here in the UK. Despite some lovely sunny days it’s certainly not summer any longer and the crisp misty mornings are not the only give away. Change is visible all around in the trees and hedgerows. This is a young Shieldbug sitting on a bramble leaf. I love how theContinue reading “Change of season”

Crafting Change

There’s something kind of wonderful about changing yarn in to items of beauty … you could call it ‘crafting change’ 🙂 You may start with this: And you can turn it into something like this: These bits will eventually be a blanket. Like these bits … eventually … At least I’ve got some of that one joinedContinue reading “Crafting Change”

the view from here

the view from here has changed the meadows where we ran so wild and free all gone replaced by houses stacked in rows all neatly lawned and edged no trace remains of childhood days spent playing there a world of pure imagination (at least ’til time for tea) the cows moved on to other fieldsContinue reading “the view from here”

the first time

the first time ever I saw your face the fear and thrill all mingled in as dreams came true our love poetised into reality words became touch and in a rush of why-wait we spun our lives together a year flew by to now high hopes abound our days entwined contently loving laughing living changedContinue reading “the first time”

an ode to a numb leg

you look quite normal and yet the feeling is you are not real you don’t belong attached to me but alien joined up but separated I prod and poke to check you’re there sensation is all rubbery wrong like local anaesthetic flows across the surface of your skin how do you feel so numb andContinue reading “an ode to a numb leg”


who was I a year ago? what was I thinking? from this angle looking back I wonder at myself lost and confused misled, exploited foolish and even now at this distance it pains me to remember so forgive me if I cling to you my love I am floored by how far I have comeContinue reading “perspective”