Happy Mother’s Day


In the UK it is Mother’s Day today. When I was small I’m sure I remember picking bunches of wildflowers for my Mum. I’d pick daisies and whatever other little flowers I could find and present them in my grubby little hand, and my Mum would act like it was a great gift. Happy Mother’s…… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day


flush of fever with cheeks on fire eyelashes tear-wet as she looks up miserably time rolls back to past times when dreaded tooth pushed through tiny gum and weary mum held and rocked and stroked hot skin soothed and sang with calpol and cuddles and carried her off to bed

in my pocket

I keep you tucked up in my pocket to pull out when I need you in this bubble of my childhood home contemplating all those years before I knew you content in the knowledge I soon will reclaim my place in your arms

snippets of ancient memories

in my pushchair, under a red hooded raincover feeling safe and dry on the back of mum’s bike watching vertical lines pass by on some kind of underpass a trip to the library maybe less pleasant glimpse of crying on the sofa as the cat who had gone blind stumbled round and round crashing into things making me sob with sadness that sofa which…… Continue reading snippets of ancient memories

Childhood Days

days of endless summer freedom of the fields hiding in the tall grass until the farmer made hay days of scrambling out of bed as soon as we woke “I’m going out to play!” yelled out, assuming someone heard in my memory it never rained and no one fell or cried just sunshine, playtime imaginations…… Continue reading Childhood Days

Fairy Elephant

Blue, the fairy elephant clomps about wishing to be dainty and size 8 or something with tiny feet and delicate toes It’s not that she’s massive just fairly averagely normal (size 14 if you must know) but she’s nothing near elegant Attempts to dance like a ballerina ended in collapse on the floor broken vases…… Continue reading Fairy Elephant