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a new adventure

only 10 minutes surely since your birth accompanied by Norah Jones come away with me and the wonder of a baby girl (convinced you’d be a boy) and now tall and strong beautiful long-haired horse-mad entirely yourself and proud to be so taking changes in your stride understanding past your years now laying down to…… Continue reading a new adventure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, I am feeling a little nostalgic and remembering when my children were small. When I saw the photo challenge was masterpiece this week, I straight away started thinking that my greatest masterpiece has to be my children! After 9 months growing inside me they both emerged perfect…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece


flush of fever with cheeks on fire eyelashes tear-wet as she looks up miserably time rolls back to past times when dreaded tooth pushed through tiny gum and weary mum held and rocked and stroked hot skin soothed and sang with calpol and cuddles and carried her off to bed


We have our first snow of the winter! My daughter was rather excited about this and went out before bed to spin around and enjoy the snow. Not the best photos ever but I like them because they captured the moment.