Closer and Closer

You may have noticed that I am slightly obsessed with dragonflies. Every time I go for a walk round the village pond I’m looking out for them. And what I am always trying to get with my photos is a good focus on their amazing eyes. I creep closer and closer and hold my breath …

Found one 🙂
Getting closer in
Extreme close-up! Look at those eyes!! Swoon… click the photo to see the full effect

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”


Just like me, they long to bee … close to you

Well, this week’s photo challenge is more my kind of thing 🙂 Close-up is what I do! I could have picked one of gazillions of close-ups from my stash of photos but I thought I’d go out in the garden and see what I could find and take some fresh photos for you. What I found was that the bramble patch was very busy with bees and other insects, and despite the frustrations of the light changing every time the sun went behind a cloud (often!) I managed to get a few nice shots of some Honey Bees.

IMG_6156-Edit IMG_6157-Edit IMG_6162-Edit IMG_6204-Edit

Apologies if my title has set you off singing … here’s that song on YouTube to satisfy that earworm:

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”

If I had to be specific …

If I had to pick a single thing as my muse, rather than the whole of nature, I’d probably have to choose dragonflies. I get such a thrill getting shots of them, and spend far too long hanging around the village pond – just 5 more minutes – trying to get that perfect shot.

Today I got some fantastic shots thanks to an unusually docile dragon. I think it’s an immature male – perhaps only recently emerged from its larval stage. Please enjoy a gradual trip closer and closer into the wondrous eyes of this Common Darter 🙂 (please click on the photos to get the full effect)






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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

Orchid (again!)

IMG_8258-1-1Well the weather is truly hideous and all my hopes of a weekend of sunshine and nice walks are dashed. It’s pouring with rain and very windy again. Seems that this is how it has been for some time and it’s set to continue 😦 So I’m back to trying to find new ways to photograph my orchid. Today I tried taking even closer photos using a Macro Extension Tube. I did try with a Teleconverter on there as well but that made focusing so tricky I gave up! I hope the weather improves soon, as it’s driving me mad!

Orchid Heart

IMG_8013-1-1As usual I have been busy with work and when not at work it’s either raining or dark! So not much opportunity to get out and about. However I do still have my orchid (haven’t killed it yet) so I decided to get a close up shot right into the heart of one of the flowers. I’m trying out a new piece of software called “Cyberlink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra”, which is why there’s a new watermark. Seems like a good tool so far.


Persistent Pigeons

The other day when I was taking photos of squirrels, we were getting a bit frustrated with the pigeons who kept trying to steal the nuts. Some of them were very cheeky and tried to sneak nuts right out of our hands. This one in particular was very persistent so I took some photos of him. He was so close to me that I had no option other than to get these close-up shots!