cold horror

My nose is full of custard. My head is packed with booze-soaked sponge cake. I am become trifle from this cold. This summer cold that my daughter gave me, after bemoaning her fate repeatedly. Now it’s my turn. My trifle-head may be worse than hers unfortunately, what with the drugs and all. All week my right eye has been inexplicably annoyed with my glasses. My left eye has been twitching (with surpressed rage?). Today the world is slightly slanted. If I take off my glasses the slant increases, so I put them back on in a rush.  My face wants to slide down onto the desk and sleep, but I fear the cardigan-sleeve-shaped imprint on my forehead – the badge of sleepy office workers. And who might pass my corner and spot me here snoring gently. So stay open eyes, I plead, as one twitches rebelliously and the other blinks and blinks and blinks as if to flap the glasses right off me. This is the horror of my situation.



IMG_8082-1I nipped out this afternoon for a brief walk in the cold wind, between downpours, and went to see the snowdrops down the road and see how they’re growing. They’re looking lovely. Not easy to get a decent shot as the light was not good, but this will have to do.

A quick note

This morning was bright and cold. A lovely pink blush to the clouds and ice on the pond. I haven’t ventured far, and have been busy indoors. There is talk of a real cold snap coming … we’ll see what happens.

Blue Sky

edit--2No rain today! It was very cold though. I spent quite a long time outdoors as my daughter was at a Show Jumping competition, and then later we went for a walk. My fingers and toes were getting so cold! But it was lovely to see some blue sky for a change 🙂 This image is made of 3 photos taken at different exposures and brought together using HDR Efex. I tried to keep it subtle to show how it really looked to my eyes.

Last of the Tortoiseshells?

Another photo from the weekend – one of the few remaining butterflies. The Buddleia is all over now but there’s still a bit of Ragwort left and this Tortoiseshell butterfly was feasting on the remains. That’ll probably be the last I see of the butterflies – it’s gone cold now – might be frosts at night soon.



at night it comes
steals sleep from me
and wracks my body’s
weary bones
and every cough
brings stabs of pain
in muscles strained
by repetition
’til here I sit
in break from work
head throbbing
back twinging
day-dreaming of my bed
and wishing
to float away
on peaceful clouds
and rest a while
regain my strength
and try again


there’s a certain rhythm in the
the backbeat of these cold-filled days
my nose-blown horn rings out so loud
to celebrate the weekend’s here

Aberystwyth Weather

Last weekend we went for a walk by the sea in Aberystwyth but it was cold and cloudy and blowing a gale so we didn’t stay long – I got a few photos though:

On Thursday this week the weather was better and we returned to the same beach – what a difference a bit of sunshine makes! 🙂