If I could give myself a Christmas gift this year, I think it would the gift of confidence. Not over-confidence and arrogance, but just enough confidence in myself to not feel stupid, embarrassed and not good enough. I find it very hard to believe in myself and my abilities. Even though there are many ofContinue reading “Confidence”

from those who get a little blue

it will pass we know but while it holds us there crushed in the dark while it sucks away all our confidence while it allows life to overwhelm us excuse us if we don’t smile excuse us if we moan and groan and float about like miserable rain clouds we do know how lucky weContinue reading “from those who get a little blue”


hollowed out the aftermath of a storm that swept through trashing my opinion of myself breaking me up into tiniest pieces now all is numb feeling nothing just weary sunken eyes like a survivor of a shipwreck I float here clinging onto the one thing keeping me afloat and wait for the sun to comeContinue reading “Hollow”