Self-Conscious Contentment

  I was thinking about the Weekly Photo Challenge (State of Mind) some more and pondering the idea of the eyes being the “window to the soul” and showing the state of mind through them. This led me to thinking about trying to do a portrait shot. However, no one else was around, so I decided…… Continue reading Self-Conscious Contentment


another birthday another year of living and I am content no roller-coasters to fear I ride the teacups hand in hand with you and many many birthdays will come and go together


every quiet day spent with you is a comforting balm to my soul calm mornings easy afternoons warm evenings and I am nearly wordless not because my mind is tangled more that my mind is soothed and stilled and gentled and smiles are hard to write

with intent

you speak the words with intent words heard before but sounding different from you not just ‘I love you’ but ‘I love you’ with intent and I see your love all around in your actions in your deeds evidence of love with intent


the hedge silhouette ‘gainst the darkening sky leaves flutter and flicker in blustery wind as I watch and I rest in a moment of quiet feel the breath in my lungs feel my feet on the ground feel myself feeling calm and content