Long Sunday Walk

Today I went on an unexpectedly long walk. I decided to go up the hill as I hadn’t walked that way for a while, then I ended up walking back through the woods, then off for long wander through the fields on the hill, and back round to the bottom of the village in aContinue reading “Long Sunday Walk”

A Winter’s Day

Today has been more like a “proper” winter’s day, with a frosty start and chill in the air, and blue skies making it look deceptively warm and inviting. It was something like 2oC when we went out for a walk this morning and it was necessary to wrap up warm. Despite the cold, I wasContinue reading “A Winter’s Day”

Early spring?

The weather continues to be rather changeable and not entirely wintry. I’m not really complaining, although I wish we had a few more dry days. Thankfully there have been no more storms, although there has been some gusty wind and rain. It is quite chilly but nothing like last winter when we were in theContinue reading “Early spring?”


The weather has improved and the storms are now over. The clear up has got underway in town, and out here all is calm and there’s even been some sunshine! It has turned a lot colder, but that is the price we pay for calmer weather I guess. Today we went out for a walkContinue reading “Sunshine”


My Country Diary will be added to during this coming year (2014) along the lines of “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady“. I’m hoping to blog at least once a month (if not more) to note what is going on in nature in my area. I’ll try and look for some of the sameContinue reading “Introduction”