Heart of Orange

I found some orangey goodness! Just when I thought there was no orange to be found… silly me! What about these gorgeous Crocuses with their orange hearts?! I had a lovely walk on Saturday in the sunshine and there will be more photos to come from that – meanwhile, enjoy these lovely hearts of orange with me 🙂





In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.”




One more photo from last weekend – this little purply-blue Crocus. It is growing in the shade of a hedge on the shady side of the road, so I think this is why it is a little behind some of the other Crocuses. I like the soft colour and the details you can see in the petals.

Soft Yellow

IMG_8445On a walk yesterday I took yet more photos of the Crocuses. I like how this one has come out so soft, yet is focused on the petals where I wanted it to be. I noticed later while processing, that there is a little creature in the top right of the photo – perhaps a small spider 🙂

Golden Crocus

IMG_8323This photo was taken last weekend when there was some lovely sunshine. I was so pleased to find some Crocuses opening up with a promise of spring. The combination of the golden colour of the Crocus with the warm spring sunshine made it glow beautifully.

First Crocus

IMG_8155-7At the weekend I was pleased to find some Crocuses emerging. This yellow one was just peeking up out of the grass at the base of a hedge. I hope to see it open next time I walk that way 🙂