Nature’s Strength

The strength of nature always surprises me. No matter how dark and cold the winter gets, spring always comes. Sometimes its a little later than usual, but still it comes. Spring makes me feel hopeful. After the darkness comes light, after the cold comes warmth, after the emptiness comes an abundance of life. No matter…… Continue reading Nature’s Strength

Spring approaches

I dare to dream that spring may soon be here. I dream of an end to cold mornings, an end to hand’s skin dried out by the weather, an end to layers and layers and still feeling chilly. These are only phone photos but they hold all the hope of masterpieces. Spring, you are welcome,…… Continue reading Spring approaches

Heart of Orange

I found some orangey goodness! Just when I thought there was no orange to be found… silly me! What about these gorgeous Crocuses with their orange hearts?! I had a lovely walk on Saturday in the sunshine and there will be more photos to come from that – meanwhile, enjoy these lovely hearts of orange…… Continue reading Heart of Orange

Golden Crocus

This photo was taken last weekend when there was some lovely sunshine. I was so pleased to find some Crocuses opening up with a promise of spring. The combination of the golden colour of the Crocus with the warm spring sunshine made it glow beautifully.