Among the wildflowers

Apologies if this sounds a little morbid. I was walking past the grave yard, out on a walk, and it was being tidied, with the grass all neat, and the headstones shiny. And it struck me, that’s not what I’d want at all for me (hopefully not for many, many years!). This little poem wrote…… Continue reading Among the wildflowers


I love it when Cuckooflower season comes around. I love their delicate pink, and the beautiful veined petals, and the contrast with the green of their stamens and stigma (the bits in the middle of the flower). If you want to see more photos, take a look at the Cuckooflower page in the wildflower section…… Continue reading Cuckoo

Favourite Spring Beauty

My absolute favourite spring flower is the Cuckooflower (or Lady’s-smock) – Cardamine pratensis.  Today I was inspired by Mike’s recent post to go out and see if they have started appearing here yet. There were none last week, but my hopes were up. I was very pleased to see that were a couple growing in the…… Continue reading Favourite Spring Beauty


We had a lovely walk in the sunshine today 🙂 I was really pleased to see lots of new spring blooms. This Cuckooflower is one of what will be many in the damp field down the road. I love taking photos of these 🙂