More signs of spring

There were more signs of spring on our walk last weekend, and I’m really looking forward to more. There will be Bluebells, Wood Anemones, Buttercups, Cuckooflowers… all the lovely spring flowers to look forward to! But for now here’s a few of the more early signs of spring.

A little worn

When photographing flowers, it’s tempting to only take photos of the ‘perfect’ flowers, with no noticeable blemishes. But the imperfect can also be beautiful, with its realness and honesty. Here are some of the more weathered and worn flowers I’ve seen today. As you can see, I did see some Wood Anemones on my walkContinue reading “A little worn”

Golden Daffodils

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art. I recently bought some daffodils to photograph. So I’m kind of coming at this challenge backwards, looking for some art that used these flowers. Daffodils were painted by Van Gogh in 1886, although in my opinion this is not one of his best paintings! I wonder if the actualContinue reading “Golden Daffodils”

I want to break free

I spotted this daffodil at the weekend which appeared to be trying to break free through this fence. So then of course I was singing to myself “I want to break free” in a Freddie Mercury style 🙂 And here is another daffodil who is less bothered about escaping, but is still beautiful 🙂 I loveContinue reading “I want to break free”