Spring Yellow

I went for a walk yesterday to see how spring is coming along. I was pleased to find the daffodils have started to open 🙂 It seems that spring is a very yellow month, as many of the flowers are yellow like the daffodils, for example celandines, crocuses (though they’re not all yellow!), and the…… Continue reading Spring Yellow


Just a very quick note to say that the winds have lessened and power has come back on after many hours … and I saw my first daffodil flowers today! Things are looking up 🙂

Daffodil Fly

Yesterday while on a walk we were looking out for insects, hoping to get a shot of a bee now that the weather was a little warmer. The only bees we saw flew off quickly so that didn’t really work out but Bruce spotted a fly on a daffodil and I was lucky enough to…… Continue reading Daffodil Fly