Early spring?

The weather continues to be rather changeable and not entirely wintry. I’m not really complaining, although I wish we had a few more dry days. Thankfully there have been no more storms, although there has been some gusty wind and rain. It is quite chilly but nothing like last winter when we were in the middle of snow and ice and spring ended up being late. I don’t think it will be late this year – I’ve seen daffodil shoots coming up, and some lambs in the fields, and the snowdrops are on their way. It feels like early spring to me. The little willow in the front garden is starting to show its fluffy catkin buds too. The Jackdaws continue to guard their nest sites – a pair on each of our chimneys. Mr Robin continues to act like he owns the bird feeders, but I forgive him as he sings so sweetly sometimes – the other day he sat on the gate and sang his heart out while I stood and watched 🙂

If tomorrow is dry I will try and get out for a walk and hopefully get a few pictures. Excuse the lack of them for now!


fighting for spring

lingering grip
with frozen roots
and shivering stems
we haul ourselves
to bloom
to open up
our delicate hearts
and show the world
that we are strong
we will not
lie down in the ice
and let it
trap us in its depths
we will not
cool our golden souls
but stand up tall
declare it spring