Dancing Fly

Apologies in advance for the silliness of this post! I saw that the weekly photo challenge was Motion this week and it reminded me of a photo I took last weekend of some flies… I was taking a photo of this pair of flies when the one at the front twiddled its head round inContinue reading “Dancing Fly”

Happy Dance

spinning    swirling       dancing          prancing             stomping feet                and tapping toes singing    songing       humming          thrumming             wiggling hips                and whirling arms my feet won’t rest    songs keep bursting out my smile is stuck on firmly    with super superglue I haven’t been drinking Mountain Dew    (not this time) it’s all because    of you

Fairy Elephant

Blue, the fairy elephant clomps about wishing to be dainty and size 8 or something with tiny feet and delicate toes It’s not that she’s massive just fairly averagely normal (size 14 if you must know) but she’s nothing near elegant Attempts to dance like a ballerina ended in collapse on the floor broken vasesContinue reading “Fairy Elephant”