Time Lapse First Attempt

This is my rather scrappy first attempt at a time lapse video. There are several problems with it … it’s too dark, there’s not a lot of action, and I didn’t do it for long enough … but … it’s something I’ve never done before and I’m learning, so I’m quite pleased it actually worked…… Continue reading Time Lapse First Attempt


in ink black night I saw you bright as neon shining beacon of home I scrambled over rocks to reach you through brambles chest high and now we rest in calmer seas and the taste of you lingers on my lips in sleep

remember this …

when darkness falls as thick as death and all you see is in your head when ice surrounds as cold as night and all you feel is frozen numb when everything’s impossible and all you do is just exist remember this … the light will come hope will return your heart will thaw this will…… Continue reading remember this …

night sky (a Cywydd Llosgyrnog)

observing a distant bright star imagining something so far in the tar black of the sky meteor shower and comet the emptiness of the dark split and night lit up as they fly   This is an attempt at an Cywydd Llosgyrnog, which is a form of Welsh poetry, inspired by Bruce watching Stargazing Live.…… Continue reading night sky (a Cywydd Llosgyrnog)

old habits

rows of houses stare blankly at empty streets cold orange street lights hazed with drizzly halos well-worn pavements reflect their dismal glow warm breath on dark air clouding my eyes old habits die hard


why must it come at me now with its dark draining uselessness why must it pull me down into its weed-choked watery depths the mirror reflects my sad eyes back at me my sad ungrateful eyes that should be smiling how can they be so fickle and foolish when you are there reflected beside them…… Continue reading why?

writing myself a bedtime story

just one more, my fingers beg as they caress the keys my mind has flown away again so digits have control no birds to fly with in the night my mind is swooping with bats and bathing in pools of moonlight as curious glowing eyes of sheep reflect the light like freakish floating marbles hovering…… Continue reading writing myself a bedtime story


you wrote me home your words flowing from you as I drove and I imagine them flying cross country faster than light and gathering round my moving car like a blanket of poetry keeping me safe in the dark