light up the dark

we we are humanity and throughout the centuries we have proved over and over that we have the capacity for great evil terrible acts of violence power-hungry obsessions clawing our way to awful heights on the backs of the innocent but we also have the capacity for great love so love love hugely love widely…… Continue reading light up the dark

remember this …

when darkness falls as thick as death and all you see is in your head when ice surrounds as cold as night and all you feel is frozen numb when everything’s impossible and all you do is just exist remember this … the light will come hope will return your heart will thaw this will…… Continue reading remember this …


the darkness not quite gone lingering malingering in corners and back alleys awaiting its chance to pounce but this chandelier blazing with flames holds it off each thought of hopelessness destroyed by the light practicality and poetry a heady mix stealing breath simmering warmth and burning off these obsidian icicles


Darkness descends again Choking out hope Sucking me into its depths

The Edge

Again, I am teetering on the edge. Looking down at the swirling darkness, Tempted to leap in and let it take me.   It feels like pain is all there is. Nothing but the tearing loneliness, When brief connections just make it worse when they’re over.   Questions go unanswered, needs go unmet. I am…… Continue reading The Edge