Dragonfly Eyes

It starts with a movement you catch out of the corner of your eye. A flutter of wings, a humming buzz as it flies past your ear. It’s a dragon! Adrenaline pumps and your mouth moves into a smile. Insects that have been on earth for millennia, still here today, flying past your head, in your village,…… Continue reading Dragonfly Eyes

On Edge

You may interpret my title in more than one way… Literally speaking I am thinking about insects perched on the edge of things, but without the ‘the’ it suddenly means something else entirely. Something else that I am pretty familiar with these days with the anxiety when it hits. But I think photos of Dragonflies…… Continue reading On Edge

First of the season

Anyone would think I was obsessed with Damselflies – I’ve just realised the featured image for the last 3 posts has been a damsel! However it’s not just damsels – I am also a little obsessed with Dragonflies! And joy of joys I saw my first dragon of the year at the weekend 🙂 This was,…… Continue reading First of the season

Smoking Dragon

Overnight we’ve had strong winds and storms so this morning we decided to stay indoors and play. We lit incense cones inside my smoking dragons and took photos. All my photos are of the blue dragon. Bruce will be posting some of the red dragon as well so check out his blog too 🙂