What I haven’t run over this week

Just thought I’d report on the creatures I have managed to avoid running over this week! It started with a chicken which was standing in the middle of the road as I was driving out of our village. She was not at all bothered by me and my car and just looked at me asContinue reading “What I haven’t run over this week”

Driving Sunset

On my drive home from work yesterday the sky was looking beautiful and I decided to try getting some shots on my phone camera. It was an interesting experiment, and you do get to see how beautiful the sky was, but unfortunately there are also road signs, lamp posts, etc. spoiling the shots a bit.Continue reading “Driving Sunset”

The Cake is a Lie (warning: this poem may contain nuts and swears)

[cake update here] twas a Sunday afternoon when dear daughter and I did ponder why don’t we make a lovely cake and decorate it oh so nice and so to the kitchen we rushed our eyes aglow with keenness but hopes were crushed upon the fridge where butter lurked, but not enough let us goContinue reading “The Cake is a Lie (warning: this poem may contain nuts and swears)”