you wrote me home your words flowing from you as I drove and I imagine them flying cross country faster than light and gathering round my moving car like a blanket of poetry keeping me safe in the dark

Motorway Driving

driving on the motorway in the dark I achieve a state of zen my car and I are one so I stop for a moment to remember where my limbs are and remind myself of reality because my love wouldn’t like me driving in a dream

Far far away

the time approaches viewed with dread to wrench myself from your warm arms to leave a part of self behind and drive drive drive to faraway too far away far too fucking far away

sum of hours

24 hours    of which  9 hours    of driving    (so much traffic)   and     15 hours       with you       of which      8 hours       of sleeping       (or trying to)      makes        7 hours          awake with you and it was totally worth it

The Cake is a Lie (warning: this poem may contain nuts and swears)

[cake update here] twas a Sunday afternoon when dear daughter and I did ponder why don’t we make a lovely cake and decorate it oh so nice and so to the kitchen we rushed our eyes aglow with keenness but hopes were crushed upon the fridge where butter lurked, but not enough let us go…… Continue reading The Cake is a Lie (warning: this poem may contain nuts and swears)