Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

There are many circles in nature and I was looking for them among photos I haven’t posted before.

Here’s a tiny one – a circle forming the cap on the end of a moss sporophyte:


This one’s rather bigger – a circle of fluffy seeds on a Dandelion seed head:


Technically this next one is not a circle, as it’s more of a sphere, but anyway, it looks round like a circle 🙂


And strictly speaking this one features semi-circles, rather than full circles, but I’m proud of it so I’ll post it anyway. This is me wearing the cardigan that I just finished this morning by adding the buttons (they’re circles!). I only started it on Tuesday so I’m really chuffed with how quickly it came together. Love this pattern, and love working with chunky (or bulky) yarn and a big hook! If you are interested, here’s my Ravelry project page for this cardi.


Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle on the Daily Post Blog



I realised something this morning … it was not raining! It was actually quite dry and bright! So I grabbed my chance to nip out for a quick walk around the village. I’ve not had a chance to get out for ages what with the weather and not being well a week or two back. So it was great to get out 🙂 The weather seems to have turned back to damp and dreary again now so I’m glad I went. Not a lot to see, but enough to get a few nice photos.






Inspired by a break in the weather, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Now 🙂

A Trio of Droplet Trios

Today the weather is crisp, cold and bright, after a lot of wetness overnight, so I had a little potter in the garden looking at the droplets shining in the sun. With the weekly photo challenge in the back of my mind, I was looking out for threes …




In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Stalking Raindrops

When stalking raindrops it is important to be careful or you risk destroying the very thing you seek…

Today I was being extra careful as I was trying to avoid doing anything to vigorous that would disturb my delicate head after a migraine yesterday, as well as avoiding destroying raindrops. When the sun came out for a while after rain all morning I thought a gentle potter around the garden stalking droplets would be just what I needed. I was pleased to find a few nice ones, even one on an insect’s mouth!

IMG_9543-Edit IMG_9551-Edit IMG_9575-Edit IMG_9598-Edit IMG_9605-Edit IMG_9611-Edit

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Careful.”

Wordless Wednesday: Damselfly Sparkle

Wordless Wednesday: Damselfly Sparkle


After the Rain

Yesterday it rained pretty much all day long. This morning there is some sunshine amongst the clouds and it’s dry. The garden is jewelled with water droplets and I couldn’t resist going out and getting some lovely droplet photos. It’s mainly the Alchemilla which is one of the best plants for holding onto droplets, but first a rather damp Herb Robert:

IMG_4819-Edit IMG_4832-Edit IMG_4837-Edit IMG_4839-Edit IMG_4850-Edit IMG_4855-Edit

A Quiet Walk

Stepping out of the door for a walk yesterday, drops of rain touched my face and I nearly turned back. With a sigh I tucked my camera under my coat and urged myself to just walk and breathe the fresh air, never mind the photos I wanted to take.

I was glad to have persisted as the rain soon stopped and there were splashes of sunshine among the puddles.

Bluebells glistened, with droplets reflecting greens and blues among the soft petals. The woods were quiet and soothing. My lungs filled with the essence of life, and the walk would have been worthwhile even if the camera had been left at home.

However it was there in my hand and the moments were captured with care, droplets surveyed and approached from angles. Joy felt as newly grown spring flowers were noted.

And a snail, untrodden, carried on his purposeful glide across the watery grass on to who knows where.






Raindrops on Roses

When thinking about the word ‘ephemeral’ I realised that most things in nature are ephemeral, lasting but a moment in the grand scheme of things. Flowers, insects, leaves … allowing us a glimpse of their beauty for a while in their often short lives. And droplets, one of my favourite things, they are gone when the sun’s rays evaporate them. So what better than an ephemeral flower, and the even more ephemeral raindrops?





In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

Precious Droplet

I managed to get out with the camera very briefly yesterday between the rain showers. There wasn’t much to see in my quick potter round the garden but I did spot the new Honeysuckle leaves growing. On a closer viewing I saw this droplet resting there. It looks like it’s being carried carefully – a precious cargo which the leaves must protect. And of course I went for the rule of thirds (as I normally do, actually!) and made sure this precious droplet was the focus in that special spot.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Rule of Thirds.”

Ice Droplets

After the sunny raindrops last Saturday, the raindrops on the Sunday were quite different! I went out in the garden to see if I could get some shots of the frost and discovered there were frozen raindrops all over the place! Strange and beautiful. The quality of these photos is not as good as I’d like – I should have used the tripod as it was very gloomy…




Raindrops on Ivy

Yesterday morning it rained and rained and rained. I thought it would carry on all day. But then the sun came out, so I wrapped up warm and went out in the garden to see what I could see. Mostly what I saw was a very wet garden! The Ivy was no different, but as the sun caught it, it began to sparkle, so of course, I tried to capture that…

I love the sparkle of sunlight on the side of the big droplet here. I had to position myself very carefully to catch that.IMG_9462-Edit

This one is more subtle, but still has lots of lovely bokeh from all the sparkly raindrops.


I may slow down a bit on posts over the next few days as I’ll be back at work, so don’t be surprised if I’m a bit quiet. Hope you are all having a happy new year so far x

Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow (2)

I went for a lovely little Christmas Eve walk today, and one of the main things that caught my eye was the gorse. It’s one of the few things in flower at the moment and it’s brightening up the village. It’s so nice to have a bit of sunshine today after several days of rain and cloud. It’s pretty cold though.




In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Yellow.”