Droplets on Catkins

Admittedly these may not be the obvious things that spring to mind for most people when thinking about the topic of ‘a good match’, but as I glanced through recent photos these leapt out at me.

At this time of year, if there is sunshine after the rain, there’s a good chance of capturing some beautiful droplets as they rest on the Willow catkins in my garden. They look so good together. Fluffy white catkins, and sparkling jewelled droplets. The droplets seem to defy gravity. Perhaps the hairs on the catkins help them stay put.

I think they are a very good match 🙂





Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: a good match


Frosty Morning

It was a frosty morning at my parents’ house this morning so I went out in the garden to see what I could see. My favourite thing was the combination of frozen and melting droplets on the grass as the sun warmed everything up. So pretty 🙂

img_1497-edit img_1499-edit img_1500-edit img_1502-edit img_1503-edit img_1504-edit img_1506-edit img_1510-edit img_1512-edit

Rain and Shine

During my last couple of walks round the village, the sun was shining after rain so there were a few things catching my eye with the shine of sun on water droplets.




And the few remaining insects were catching the light in their eyes and their wings.




Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

Rainy Season

In some parts of the world there is a regular rainy season. In Britain sometimes it feels like it’s always rainy season! Our winter this year hasn’t been very wintry really. We’ve had one morning where there was a sprinkling of snow, and perhaps 2 or 3 frosty mornings but for much of the rest of the time it’s been windy and rainy. Today is no exception. So I decided to stay indoors and show you the weather by means of my orchid with ‘fake raindrops’ and a glimpse of the rainy window behind.


And of course I can’t resist getting a bit closer 🙂 Being in the window the petals are backlit which makes for interesting shots.

IMG_1676-Edit IMG_1672-Edit IMG_1695-Edit IMG_1694-Edit

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

Light and Gentle

The Weekly Photo Challenge is ‘Weight(less)’ this week. Some things in nature are so delicate and small they seem weightless. Of course they must have some kind of mass but when you see an insect climbing over delicate grasses without much bending, it can’t weigh much.


This Harebell is a delicate flower, light enough to be blown about in the breeze and cause difficulty for photographers!


You might remember these droplets hanging delicately on grasses. Defying gravity almost as they hang impossibly roundly on the grass seeds.


This photo is one of my favourites and it has a feeling of lightness and freedom that makes me happy 🙂


This baby frog can’t have much weight to it, the tiny lily pad barely sinks at all under its weight. But then it’s not much bigger than the water droplets so that might be why!


This butterfly caught my eye, resting on these spring flowers. So light and fluttery in the sunshine. Bring on those days again soon!


And finally another droplet shot on a very damp morning when I was lucky enough to spot a dandelion seed head covered in gravity-defying droplets.


Hope your new year is going well so far. I’m exhausted after being back at work for a week, not sleeping well and my back is complaining vigorously about increased activity. But I am counting my blessings and being thankful for another year with all its opportunities and promise.

A Trio of Droplet Trios

Today the weather is crisp, cold and bright, after a lot of wetness overnight, so I had a little potter in the garden looking at the droplets shining in the sun. With the weekly photo challenge in the back of my mind, I was looking out for threes …




In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

November Treats

I had a double treat today!

The sun came out – treat number one – and I had a lovely, surprisingly warm walk round the village.

And treat number two was a dragonfly! I thought they were all gone for the year, but I guess the unusually warm day brought one out again.

So here are my November treats…

Common Darter Dragonfly:


Droplets on Moss & Grass:

IMG_9750-Edit IMG_9755-Edit

Fly on an Autumn leaf:


Autumn colours:


More droplets on grass:

IMG_9826-Edit IMG_9827-Edit

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Treat.”

Big and small boundaries

Ok, so where do we go with boundaries?

How about this fence which is quite literally the boundary of the field, stopping me from getting in and the cows from getting out.


There are many boundaries in this photo. My daughter is riding along the boundary fence in the show-jumping area of the field. There are also distant hedges, fences and that cliff-like part is the far side of the river which is also lurking down there. The river is a natural boundary, unless you have built a bridge over it.


In this one she’s jumping another fence – another boundary. In reality of course you could just ride around this one, but for the purposes of show-jumping it is a boundary you need to get across in order to proceed.


As you may have noticed I have a bit of a scientific, biological interest in small things and I couldn’t avoid thinking on the small scale. I started to think about how water droplets form with a boundary with the air. It’s all about surface tension. The molecules of water on the edge (the boundary molecules) are more attracted to the other water molecules (i.e. more attracted inwards) than they are to the air (outwards). So they pull inwards into a droplet shape. And apart from the cool science, they look pretty too 🙂





In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Boundaries.”

Beautiful Bindweed

Regarded by many as a particularly pesky garden weed, Bindweed has a poor reputation. However, just look how beautiful it can be, in the sunshine after the rain!

Delicate Droplets

Sunday started out rather wet. Later on when the rain stopped and the sun came out, the droplets were calling to me! As it was a still day the droplet just hung there even on the most delicate of plants.

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Dandelion Droplets

The weather today is beautiful and it was a pleasure to go out on a morning walk earlier. I took many photos, as you’d expect, but these are my favourites. It was a misty morning at first so when the sun came out there was a heavy dew, leaving everything covered in shiny droplets. Even the dandelion seed heads with their soft delicate seed fluff had droplets on every piece of fluff. Like droplets of starlight.



Willow Sparkle

There’s not a lot to see at the moment. The weather is really not helping – wind and rain this weekend and the last. I ventured out briefly yesterday and all I could find were sparkly willow buds all covered in tiny raindrops. They were very pretty though, so made up for the lack of much else!

IMG_0878-Edit IMG_0887-Edit IMG_0893-Edit IMG_0894-Edit