As you’ll know, if you read Bruce’s blog, I brought some flowers home the other day so that we would have something to photograph while it rains continuously (it seems!). Bouquets of flowers can be ridiculously expensive, so I shopped with care and found 2 little bunches with a nice variety of flowers in for…… Continue reading Gerberas

Drippy Fungus

I found this fungus yesterday while having my lunchtime walk. It’s a fairly normal bracket fungus which was growing inside an old rotten tree stump, but what caught my eye was all the drips hanging on it. Very odd looking but strangely beautiful.

Droplets of Disco Balls

It has been raining and raining continually today and we were frustrated that we couldn’t go out and take photos, so we’ve been taking photos of things indoors to make up for it. I got an old CD and added some water and had some fun capturing these disco ball style droplets 🙂