Good Morning Damsels

If I’m lucky, in a couple of weeks, I may have the joy of watching Damselflies emerge from my pond in the morning before starting work (from home), or while I’m having a morning tea break. The end of April / beginning of May seems to be the time for it, looking back through myContinue reading “Good Morning Damsels”

Fresh Dragon

I’ve been excited to find fresh damsels emerging lately but yesterday I hit the jackpot! I was wandering round the village pond seeing what I could see when I stumbled upon this little lady (at least as far as I can tell, it’s female). I was so excited! As she developed I worked out thatContinue reading “Fresh Dragon”


Today I was lucky enough to have the great privilege of witnessing a Damselfly that had just emerged from its larval stage, for the very first time. I was sat by the pond with a cup of tea, watching the newts when I suddenly noticed a pale object dangling in the grass on the otherContinue reading “Privilege”