your pain makes me vacillate (more than usual) between the tenderest softest feelings with gentle strokes and delicate kisses and wishing and wishing and wishing and wishing I could take your pain away and the roughest hardest feelings with angry snarls and stamping feet and railing and wailing and growling and crying why must you…… Continue reading vacillate

Music is not a strong enough word

when darkness rages cross the sky responsibilities abated I let slip my grip on being “normal” I close my eyes and lose myself in sounds of melodies of hearts and souls and time slows and bows and warps and slides and my mind glides away washed with emotions evoked drenched with passions explored body moving to…… Continue reading Music is not a strong enough word


I wrapped a gag around my face tight muzzled myself, to stop the words trying to hold back the spillage but the words bled out around the edges trickling down my chin, and onto the page blending with my tears of confusion inner battles laid out like exhibits for all to see and peer at…… Continue reading Ungagged

the science of emotion

my emotions can be graded in a scientific way by measuring the volume of my tears by timing the length of their falling by assessing the redness of my eyes by counting the number of tissues by observing the frantic catching of breath between sobs and noting how little I care that snot is dripping…… Continue reading the science of emotion

Love Spillage

emotion built love spilt all over pristine floors spoils the illusion of perfection and flings open doors revealing the truth love is uncouth doesn’t obey the rules it’s no fairy tale more weep and wail and it makes us into fools but i’d rather be a fool for love than never love at all