Pain & friends

I have been struggling a bit recently with my pain levels which can lead me to sink into a cloud of gloom. Pain and tiredness can bring along their lovely friends anxiety and depression and it’s easy to fall into a blue mood. Some days I struggle. And foolishly I try to pretend I’m fine. ButContinue reading “Pain & friends”

Happiness (by Little Blue Girl, age 10)

This is a poem by my daughter, Little Blue Girl. She decided to join her mum and give poetry a go 🙂 Happiness Happiness is a wonderful thing Everyone can have happiness But in most people it’s not very often That they have it I have happiness as I write this But also other emotionsContinue reading “Happiness (by Little Blue Girl, age 10)”

The Press of Words

I lie here in bed Drifting through the press of words Feeling emotions flowing round the globe I sigh with them and cry with them And smile with joy and wonder This poetry is a powerful thing It leaves us open and exposed But when those cracks are showing That’s when the light gets inContinue reading “The Press of Words”