Gentle Giants

Yesterday my daughter and I went to Dyfed Shire Horse Farm again and had a lovely time. The Shire horses are so big but so gentle and sweet natured. Even with something so big it can be worth looking closer, and I enjoyed getting some photos of their beautiful eyes as well as stepping back…… Continue reading Gentle Giants

Closer and Closer

You may have noticed that I am slightly obsessed with dragonflies. Every time I go for a walk round the village pond I’m looking out for them. And what I am always trying to get with my photos is a good focus on their amazing eyes. I creep closer and closer and hold my breath…… Continue reading Closer and Closer

If I had to be specific …

If I had to pick a single thing as my muse, rather than the whole of nature, I’d probably have to choose dragonflies. I get such a thrill getting shots of them, and spend far too long hanging around the village pond – just 5 more minutes – trying to get that perfect shot. Today…… Continue reading If I had to be specific …

Bluebottle Eyes

I took this photo of a bluebottle fly yesterday evening while on a little stroll round the village once the day had cooled down a bit. It was just a quick capture while walking through the woods, but I was lucky enough to get good focus on his eyes. I couldn’t resist a heavy crop…… Continue reading Bluebottle Eyes

My Mind is Gone

an ache in the head my brain is mostly dead my eyes are tired concentration expired it’s all I can do to write these words my mind has wandered off with the birds floating around in a cloudy grey sky while my body just wishes to lie and sleep in a heap with you