Gentle Giants

Yesterday my daughter and I went to Dyfed Shire Horse Farm again and had a lovely time. The Shire horses are so big but so gentle and sweet natured. Even with something so big it can be worth looking closer, and I enjoyed getting some photos of their beautiful eyes as well as stepping backContinue reading “Gentle Giants”

Closer and Closer

You may have noticed that I am slightly obsessed with dragonflies. Every time I go for a walk round the village pond I’m looking out for them. And what I am always trying to get with my photos is a good focus on their amazing eyes. I creep closer and closer and hold my breathContinue reading “Closer and Closer”

If I had to be specific …

If I had to pick a single thing as my muse, rather than the whole of nature, I’d probably have to choose dragonflies. I get such a thrill getting shots of them, and spend far too long hanging around the village pond – just 5 more minutes – trying to get that perfect shot. TodayContinue reading “If I had to be specific …”

butterfly dreams

so soon holidays slip away routine returns and weariness becomes my friend again my aching eyes yearn for the softness of sun-kissed butterfly wings and glint on shining demoiselle as carefree squirrels scamper ‘mongst the fiery blooms yet PC screen is all they see and tired is all they are

Bluebottle Eyes

I took this photo of a bluebottle fly yesterday evening while on a little stroll round the village once the day had cooled down a bit. It was just a quick capture while walking through the woods, but I was lucky enough to get good focus on his eyes. I couldn’t resist a heavy cropContinue reading “Bluebottle Eyes”