Christmas Bokeh

I decided to take some ‘proper’ photos of some of our decorations today. Yesterday’s photos were taken on my phone, and these are taken on my camera. My phone is great for a quick photo, but if you’re trying to get certain things in focus and others not, you really need to use a properContinue reading “Christmas Bokeh”

Fairy Light

The Christmas tree was decorated yesterday, so of course I got the camera out and got a few shots with the lights twinkling. I was trying to get shots of baubles reflecting the lights, which was great, but every photo has me and my tripod’s reflection in it which I don’t like! How does anyoneContinue reading “Fairy Light”


As Christmas is approaching and some of my fellow bloggers have been posting festive photos, I thought I’d join in. I had a fun session with my camera & tripod last night, using long(ish) exposures to get photos of baubles on my tree just lit by the fairy lights. I quite like how these cameContinue reading “Baubles”