Sending love on Mother’s Day …

to you who carried your child spilled blood, sweat and tears to bring them into the world to you who’s chosen your child and gathered them in to become your family to you who yearned and longed for a child of your own feeling incomplete without to you who knows what it is to carryContinue reading “Sending love on Mother’s Day …”

Then and now

I held you in my arms exhausted but triumphant a tiny baby grown in me each feature perfectly formed the overwhelming wonder the rush of protective love the fearful anticipation what now? Now looking up as you tower over me how did those years pass so fast? I can no longer rock you in myContinue reading “Then and now”

the first time

the first time ever I saw your face the fear and thrill all mingled in as dreams came true our love poetised into reality words became touch and in a rush of why-wait we spun our lives together a year flew by to now high hopes abound our days entwined contently loving laughing living changedContinue reading “the first time”