Friendly Lambs

Another thing (or things) I saw at the weekend was lambs. Lots of lovely cute little lambs. Most were at the far side of fields staying by their mums but these two (twins) came lolloping over towards me in a friendly way. Their mum stood by keeping an eye to see if I was a danger, but after a couple of minute she went back to munching on grass. I felt highly honoured 🙂







Curly Ram

IMG_8294We were out walking this morning and went to check the sheep fields to see if there are any lambs yet. There were no lambs, but there were some sheep, and this ram with his fancy horns really stood out 🙂 He was quite obliging so I got a few shots from different angles:


Marshy Cow

edit-7226One of the fields in our village has turned into a bit of a marsh with all the rain lately. The cows don’t seem to mind though. This is quite a pretty cow I think, looking nice against the shine of the water.