my head is full
of brambles
where thoughts get snagged
and tangled up
where worries catch
and hang like flags
all flapping in the breeze



a tiny grain
of worry
quite minor
no big deal
has been bouncing
around my head
for days
like a hailstone
in an updraft
growing bigger
adding layers
upon layers
of other small worries
it’s too heavy
to stay in the clouds
too big to ignore
so it has become
a huge worry
a vast worry
an out-of-proportionally large worry
rattling around my mind
weighing me down
exhausting me
with its non-specific
out of control
and I don’t even know
what I’m worried about
and all I want
is some peace
and some rest
from this fear


some days are like drowning
sinking down in the blue
’til you reach down to save me
when I come home to you
I rush up with bubbles
leave the darkness below
bob up to the surface
to be wrapped in your glow


the snowball
that is me unravelling
rolls downhill
growing in size
from one small thing
the world starts to spin
faster and wilder
tumbling and falling
’til I crash in your arms
squeaky voice tears
soaking your shirt
and hold on tight
to your love


my song
has halted
my voice
is broken
my tongue
is tied up
in knots

my mind a fevered place
of thoughts and ideas
swimming in murky waters
of worries and fears

and I ache
for you
and I yearn
to smile
with every part of me
and feel that joy again
just in being
and knowing
your love

this too shall pass
this too shall ease
even now it fades
and my sparkle will return again



a heavy chain
made of fear and worry
wraps tight around my chest
making breathing shallow
and turning lips to blue
solid links of cold hard iron
dig into my flesh
holding me down
and all I can do is wait
head bowed
tears welling
hanging on to your hand
until the chain
rusts away

Growing Old

will I lose myself
    become an empty shell
    shrivelled and dry
    with nothing left of me
a desiccated husk
    a wisp floating on the wind
this life, this vibrancy
    fading away to dust
sparkles fizzling out
    like dud fireworks
as this ache
    takes all that I am
my colours fading
    bones growing
    ever more weary
skin marked
    with faded memories
    of smiles and laughter
eyes lost
    in times remembered
    seeing nothing of now
as life
drains slowly away

Sorry this is a tad depressing … just the way my mind is wandering today … perhaps I’ll write something a little more cheerful after a good night’s sleep 🙂

on top of the world?

in a bar
on top of a brewery
in Dublin
on top of the world
fun times
free drinks
I am overwhelmed
my love needs me
and I’m not there
friends are sad
I’m no use
children want to talk
and it’s all I can do
to hold back the tears
sitting in the bar
music banging
vibrating through my head
and I want to enjoy
but I feel all alone
in these crowds
and I can’t
see how
to fix
that needs fixing
and I’m scared it’s not
what if it’s not?
what then?

trying to let go
trying to relax
letting my foot tap to the music
but the tears are so close
I must just try