a heavy chain made of fear and worry wraps tight around my chest making breathing shallow and turning lips to blue solid links of cold hard iron dig into my flesh stifling suffocating holding me down and all I can do is wait head bowed tears welling hanging on to your hand until the chainContinue reading “Chained”

Growing Old

will I lose myself     become an empty shell     shrivelled and dry     with nothing left of me a desiccated husk     a wisp floating on the wind this life, this vibrancy     fading away to dust sparkles fizzling out     like dud fireworks as this ache     takes all that I am my colours fading     bones growing     ever more wearyContinue reading “Growing Old”


spiders thin and spiders tiny are greeted and appreciated for the work that they endure to rid me of the pesky flies but spiders large and spiders hairy they do not get a warm reception more an urge to scream and run so when this greeted me this morning a shriek emerged without intent aContinue reading “Spider!”

Fear and Fighting Fear

Fear fear sends icy tendrils through veins and arteries chilling the once warm heart making hands shake and quiver it twists around like ivy slowly climbing up skin roots burrowing into flesh smothering hope and stealing joy blood drains out to slickly pool on the hard and frozen ground face fades into palest white eyes stareContinue reading “Fear and Fighting Fear”


I wrapped a gag around my face tight muzzled myself, to stop the words trying to hold back the spillage but the words bled out around the edges trickling down my chin, and onto the page blending with my tears of confusion inner battles laid out like exhibits for all to see and peer atContinue reading “Ungagged”