Pain & friends

I have been struggling a bit recently with my pain levels which can lead me to sink into a cloud of gloom. Pain and tiredness can bring along their lovely friends anxiety and depression and it’s easy to fall into a blue mood. Some days I struggle. And foolishly I try to pretend I’m fine. ButContinue reading “Pain & friends”

Happiness (by Little Blue Girl, age 10)

This is a poem by my daughter, Little Blue Girl. She decided to join her mum and give poetry a go 🙂 Happiness Happiness is a wonderful thing Everyone can have happiness But in most people it’s not very often That they have it I have happiness as I write this But also other emotionsContinue reading “Happiness (by Little Blue Girl, age 10)”


when is acceptable unacceptable? (is this some kind of joke) …    when it is what I consider     to be acceptable   not what you consider    to be acceptable but where is the invisible line in the sands of time that states exactly when is the correct time to commit yourself to someone? where is the rulebookContinue reading “Acceptable?”