Harmony of Nature

As I walk, I feel in harmony with nature. The ebb and flow of the seasons, the emergence of each sign of spring’s arrival. I am part of the place, the time, the growth. The brief interruption by the need to become a temporary shepherdess strengthens the feeling as the ewes and lambs obey myContinue reading “Harmony of Nature”

Annual Unfurling

It’s the time of year for the annual Fern unfurling, which I love. As I walk through the woods I look out for them emerging from the warming spring earth. This one has got a bit further than the others, and reminds me of an elephant! Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth.  

Among Nature’s Chaos

Back in June I was finding tiny grasshoppers among the chaos of grass stems. I remember that joyful feeling of walking along and seeing tiny creatures springing about, then getting down close to the ground and seeing so many tiny hoppers peeking out at me from various stems. More recently I’ve enjoyed photographing the chaosContinue reading “Among Nature’s Chaos”