We have a pink theme going on in nature at the moment it seems. These are some pink flowers I spotted at the weekend between rain showers.

Red Campion
Dog Rose


I don’t have Wood Sorrel in the woods near my house, but while walking in some different woodland I saw lots of them. Here’s my favourite shot of this delicate little flower.IMG_3292-Edit

Wayside Flowers

Wayside Flowers

Pluck not the wayside flower,
It is the traveller’s dower;
A thousand passers-by
Its beauties may espy,
May win a touch of blessing
From Nature’s mild caressing.

The sad of heart perceives
A violet under leaves
Like sonic fresh-budding hope;
The primrose on the slope
A spot of sunshine dwells,
And cheerful message tells
Of kind renewing power;
The nodding bluebell’s dye
Is drawn from happy sky.

Then spare the wayside flower!
It is the traveller’s dower.

by William Allingham

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light


Sometimes men aren’t the most romantic creatures, not helped of course by unrealistically raised expectations from those of us who read romantic novels or watch slushy films. So I took matters into my own hands and bought myself a beautiful orchid on behalf of Bruce. This made both of us happy. It may not be the traditional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day but it works for us. Love you hun, and thank you for the gifts you give me every day of love, patience, support and delicious cooking! xxx



This photograph is available to purchase as a digital download


Dainty Robert

A dainty little Herb Robert flower I spotted a couple of days ago during a dry spell.


Happy New Year

Honey at both ends of the day

I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and noticed the Honeysuckle through the window, looking pretty with raindrops in the morning light. So I grabbed a shot which turned out surprisingly not bad considering it was taken through glass.


This reminded me that I took a couple of photos of the Honeysuckle in the evening light a couple of weeks back, so you can have morning and evening Honey 🙂

IMG_8178-Edit IMG_8169-Edit

Bee and Friend

My goodness I am so busy at the moment it’s ridiculous – barely any time for anything!

But I have managed to have a little potter in the garden here and there. I was quite fond of this little bee, and when he appeared to be kindly sharing his flower with a small fly it looked quite cute 🙂




A Quiet Moment

I’m at work this week after a week off last week, and it’s hard going! So I’m just going to post some lovely soothing wild flowers, and have a nice quiet moment 🙂




Just like me, they long to bee … close to you

Well, this week’s photo challenge is more my kind of thing 🙂 Close-up is what I do! I could have picked one of gazillions of close-ups from my stash of photos but I thought I’d go out in the garden and see what I could find and take some fresh photos for you. What I found was that the bramble patch was very busy with bees and other insects, and despite the frustrations of the light changing every time the sun went behind a cloud (often!) I managed to get a few nice shots of some Honey Bees.

IMG_6156-Edit IMG_6157-Edit IMG_6162-Edit IMG_6204-Edit

Apologies if my title has set you off singing … here’s that song on YouTube to satisfy that earworm:

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Close Up.”

Beautiful Bindweed

Regarded by many as a particularly pesky garden weed, Bindweed has a poor reputation. However, just look how beautiful it can be, in the sunshine after the rain!

Soothing Summer Wildflowers

All the lovely summer wildflowers are appearing around the village, and many of them are very busy places, filled with visitors. I’m feeling a little antsy and impatient tonight so please join me in viewing these soothing and beautiful wild summer flowers, to calm your soul and remind you of the simple joys of life 🙂

Birds-Foot Trefoil
Purple Loosestrife
Soldier Beetles enjoying some time on a Thistle
Greenbottle Fly on a Thistle
Rosebay Willowherb
Soldier Beetle on a Thistle
Potato Capsid bug and a fly on Knapweed
Birds-Foot Trefoil
Greenbottle fly on a Thistle
Birds-Foot Trefoil

Sadly none of these are yet available on my Shop, but keep your eye out because as soon as the internet speed is up to it and I have the time, I shall be uploading a new batch of images.

Delicate Droplets

Sunday started out rather wet. Later on when the rain stopped and the sun came out, the droplets were calling to me! As it was a still day the droplet just hung there even on the most delicate of plants.

19624077342_6435987dc9_o 19444512679_6a831cb909_o 19624051482_8f616df593_o