Lily’s Frilly Underwear

Yesterday I was taking some macro shots of  lilies. These ones had been banished to the greenhouse by my mum as their scent is rather overpowering, as is often the way with lilies. I probably should have taken a few shots of the lilies as a whole, but I was concentrating on the details. RightContinue reading “Lily’s Frilly Underwear”

Softest Pink

Some of my favourite things to photograph are flowers, and of course I like to get up close and personal with them. At this time of year there are not many flowers out there so I’m delving through my photos from through the year. These two are from back in June. I like the softnessContinue reading “Softest Pink”

don’t bring me roses

just me don’t bring me roses  with their blood red petals   with their gentle fragrance    with their thorny stems     with their soft cool frills I could hold them close   and breath in their scent but I’d rather hold you I could look in wonder   at their perfect beauty but I’d rather look at you IContinue reading “don’t bring me roses”