Spring Dance

The insects were doing a spring happy dance last weekend on a lovely sunny Sunday. There were even some bees ๐Ÿ™‚ (My daughter helped with the captions!) And just for a laugh here is a dancing fly animated GIF I made last year! Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

Dancing Fly

Apologies in advance for the silliness of this post! I saw that the weekly photo challenge was Motion this week and it reminded me of a photo I took last weekend of some flies… I was taking a photo of this pair of flies when the one at the front twiddled its head round inContinue reading “Dancing Fly”

Hovering on Hebe

The Hebe in the garden is out in full force now and it’s attracting insects. I sat out for a while today taking photos of what was visiting. It was so hot though – I couldn’t stay there for long – I’m not really a hot weather person. Too much sun makes me grumpy, uncomfortableContinue reading “Hovering on Hebe”

Bluebottle Eyes

I took this photo of a bluebottle fly yesterday evening while on a little stroll round the village once the day had cooled down a bit. It was just a quick capture while walking through the woods, but I was lucky enough to get good focus on his eyes. I couldn’t resist a heavy cropContinue reading “Bluebottle Eyes”