This little shiny fly was investigating a droplet of water, still there despite the hot sunny day. Was he thirsty, I wonder? As my throat is sore, the droplet looks rather appealing to me too.

Hovering on Hebe

The Hebe in the garden is out in full force now and it’s attracting insects. I sat out for a while today taking photos of what was visiting. It was so hot though – I couldn’t stay there for long – I’m not really a hot weather person. Too much sun makes me grumpy, uncomfortable…… Continue reading Hovering on Hebe

Bluebottle Eyes

I took this photo of a bluebottle fly yesterday evening while on a little stroll round the village once the day had cooled down a bit. It was just a quick capture while walking through the woods, but I was lucky enough to get good focus on his eyes. I couldn’t resist a heavy crop…… Continue reading Bluebottle Eyes