Big Jumps

When I’m not taking photos of small things like flowers and insects, I take photos of rather larger things… namely horses! My daughter loves to ride and I often find myself sitting in field in the rain taking photos at competitions. In this event I sat near this huge log jump and was happy toContinue reading “Big Jumps”

Canada Geese Fly Past

Apart from the damselflies, another thing we saw a lot of at Ynys Hir on Saturday was Canada Geese. There didn’t seem to be any other sorts of geese around, but there were plenty of these ones. They seem to honk a lot as they fly over, so we had a bit of warning ofContinue reading “Canada Geese Fly Past”

taking flight

let’s take flight leave that town behind that town that drags you under we’ll swirl and spin and leap and soar o’er rolling hills and craggy slopes and boulder’d rocky pebblesome beaches swooping down o’er breaking waves feeling salt spray on our faces then higher higher higher up ’til we skip o’er cloudy billows boilingContinue reading “taking flight”

a dream of flying

if I could control my dreams I’d dream of flying way up in the clouds like Arthur Dent and Fenchurch me with a billowing dress you removing it in mid air wet with wispy cloud mist hands slipping and sliding on your skin, lips locked and drifting, spiralling floating in the moonlight in a longContinue reading “a dream of flying”