Quiet Moments

Quiet moments are my favourite kind of moments. If you are trying to take photos of potentially skittish small creatures, quiet moments are essential. Sometimes I find myself holding my breath as I creep closer to try and get that shot. Sometimes they pose nicely, sometimes they flit away as soon as the camera isContinue reading “Quiet Moments”

Damp Dandelion Clocks

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is ‘All wet’. There are many dandelion clocks (seed heads) in my garden. Some people don’t like dandelions and treat them as weeds, trying to wipe them out from their neat lawns. Not me. Apart from the fact that I like how they look, they are good food for beesContinue reading “Damp Dandelion Clocks”

Hand in hand through their pondlife

My pond is full of life at the moment 🙂 There are newtlets galore (well, at least 6) and adult newts too (harder to get a decent shot of). The Frogbit (tiny lily pads) is resurfacing too. At the weekend I spotted a couple of teeny little frogs too. Only got a shot of this one.Continue reading “Hand in hand through their pondlife”

Ending of June

The weather has turned in the last couple of days to heavy showers, but it has been lovely and sunny. In between taking my daughter to a riding competition (last weekend) and the bee incident, I did manage a few photos here and there. I have been enjoying our ‘meadow’ of lovely long grass inContinue reading “Ending of June”

Tiny Frogs

Today on our regular walk round to the pond in the village, there was great excitement as we realised the tadpoles’ transformation was pretty much complete! The first tiny baby frogs have started to emerge and at various points around the edge of the pond, we found them sitting, getting used to being frogs 🙂Continue reading “Tiny Frogs”