Frosty Morning

It was a frosty morning at my parents’ house this morning so I went out in the garden to see what I could see. My favourite thing was the combination of frozen and melting droplets on the grass as the sun warmed everything up. So pretty 🙂

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Today has been dry and quite bright which makes a nice change from all the rain. Downside is that it’s colder. But this means frost and ice, and a chance to get some photos of ice crystals, which makes me happy.

frost (a clogyrnach)

forsaken by the sun’s warm light
the frosty crust is formed at night
ice seeps cold and stark
in the creeping dark
makes its mark out of sight

This is an attempt at a clogyrnach, which is a form of Welsh poetry. I figured it’s about time I learned about the poetry of my adopted country, having been here for so long. There will no doubt be more attempts at a variety of forms as I learn about them. And thank you johnnycrabcakes for the inspiration, as I discovered clogyrnach on your blog

change of season

today will be mostly rainy
the grey cold sky weeps hard
with weary forlorn tears
that trickle down my windowpanes

yesterday was bright and sunny
as light shone proud on frost
and frozen droplets glistened
bathed in smiles and warmth

moodswings of poor mother nature
going through the change