Winter isn’t coming … yet

fire and icefire and ice combineas glistening frozen leavesreflect the sunset coloursshivering in the golden glowas winter’s grip takes holdwritten by me, December 2012 twinkle even in the deepest days of winterwhen darkness falls earlyand nights are so longthere remains a glimmerthe merest twinkle of warmer timesglistening in the hidden spaceswritten by me, December 2014…… Continue reading Winter isn’t coming … yet


Today is cold and frosty and I ventured out into the garden to see if I could get some photos. Firstly I was taking photos of frozen water droplets on the grass. Sadly squatting down to get photos of grass really hurts, so I couldn’t do it for long. As the sun got higher the…… Continue reading Shiny

Warm Teasel ~ Cold Teasel

I was wandering in my parent’s garden earlier in the week and the teasels kept catching my eye. I think I may have to get some for my own garden! In this first picture it was a bright sunny winter day and the teasel was glowing with warmth. Perfect for one last entry to the weekly…… Continue reading Warm Teasel ~ Cold Teasel


I’m visiting my parents for Christmas and on a morning potter around the garden and nearby lanes, we spotted a patch of frosty grass where you could see the little ‘towers’ of frost. Even thought it’s rather chilly, I’m kind of wishing for more hard frosts and icicles! 🙂


Today has been dry and quite bright which makes a nice change from all the rain. Downside is that it’s colder. But this means frost and ice, and a chance to get some photos of ice crystals, which makes me happy.