Future Flowers

Back in February 2016 I bought myself an Orchid. I didn’t have a great track record of keeping plants alive at that point, but I decided I would enjoy the flowers and see if I could keep it going. Back then, I didn’t know that in the future I would still be enjoying this lovely…… Continue reading Future Flowers

Seeing the Future in a Flowering Currant

Back in February I foresaw the future. When you get to know your area and the wildlife around you, you can begin to foresee what’s coming. I foresaw that this little unfurling bud would become a beautiful collection of Flowering Currant flowers. And I was right 🙂 Here is progress so far: Looking a little…… Continue reading Seeing the Future in a Flowering Currant

letting go

seems I fail at letting go of past hurts speak of leaving them behind yet hold them to me tight picking at the scabs making them bleed putting the past behind me forgiving and forgetting … so much easier if the past doesn’t creep up and grab me by the ankle pulling me back in…… Continue reading letting go

New Year

past hurts fade with the sand as it drains from the hourglass of the year choosing to let them go each memory freed to fly with the wind no more to dwell on those mistakes, heartbreaks, sadness and loneliness as midnight passes by hands and hearts held, looking to our future