Future Flowers

Back in February 2016 I bought myself an Orchid. I didn’t have a great track record of keeping plants alive at that point, but I decided I would enjoy the flowers and see if I could keep it going. Back then, I didn’t know that in the future I would still be enjoying this lovelyContinue reading “Future Flowers”

Seeing the Future in a Flowering Currant

Back in February I foresaw the future. When you get to know your area and the wildlife around you, you can begin to foresee what’s coming. I foresaw that this little unfurling bud would become a beautiful collection of Flowering Currant flowers. And I was right 🙂 Here is progress so far: Looking a littleContinue reading “Seeing the Future in a Flowering Currant”

Symbols of my Life

I was considering the Weekly Photo Challenge of ‘Symbol’ and wondering how this could be applied in my macro world. I could have taken photos of my engagement ring, but that’s not very original, so in the end I decided to think about important moments in my life and photos that symbolise them. This wasContinue reading “Symbols of my Life”


lying in warm darkness the quiet is not so quiet the stream rushes louder tonight swollen by rain in my mind I see the white water pouring down from the hills crashing over stones splashing swooshing swirling and I might be swept along in the tumbling torrent swept with the twigs and the leaves theContinue reading “rush”

open gate

two years back a difficult decision to be made stay sad and stuck or step out on a new path thoughts spinning tears falling alone and afraid clinging to hope that life could be better this open gate representing a path to somewhere new I took a deep breath and stepped through   This printContinue reading “open gate”