Fuzzy Buzzy

I thought I’d post a picture I took the other day of a Hoverfly close-up. It looks very fuzzy – it seems to even have hairs in its eyes! It’s sitting on one of the last of the Ragworts, which will be all over soon. Autumn is rushing in it seems. Anyway so here’s the Hoverfly, and he’s brought a few of his fuzzy friends!

Hoverfly on Ragwort:

Tree Bumblebee (I think) on Bramble:

A Solitary Bee feeling a bit the worse for wear (he flew off after a little rest, don’t worry):

And finally, this Hoverfly who’d had enough of the insect paparazzi and insisted on no more photos:

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Shine the Divine



I’m sorry I’ve  not posted much this week. I am fuzzy with drugs for my sciatica. I’m just about managing to get through the day at work and after that I’m just plain fuzzy. Hard to do anything but essentials. This photo of a bee is a bit like I feel – fuzzy and out of focus!



IMG_8363This is a photo from Friday’s walk around the village. I love how fuzzy this Gorse is. It reminds me of a silly rhyme we used to say when I was young … “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he?” 🙂 In this case, though, the Gorse really is fuzzy and has lots of little hairs.