Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

As you surely know by now, if you follow this blog, my favourite type of photography is macro. With this type of photography, perhaps more than any other, focus and depth of field are really important. Using a macro lens you can get really close to things, but getting so close means your depth ofContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus”

Pottering in the Garden

I managed to finish work a little early today so had a quick look around the garden to see what was going on… I was pleased to see that my little Lavender bush is flowering and had a bee visiting: The Buff-Tip Moth caterpillars have grown loads since the last time I photographed them: AndContinue reading “Pottering in the Garden”

Splash of Sunshine

If the sun is not shining where you are, perhaps these photos will brighten your day! 🙂 There were a lot of hoverflies in the garden yesterday so I got some shots of them. All different sorts. They all seem to really like these bright yellow flowers. Thanks to a friendly person on Flickr IContinue reading “Splash of Sunshine”

Bees Wings

The other day when I was chasing bees around the Hebe, I started trying to catch them in flight. This was a bit of a mad idea as it was hard enough to get a shot when they stopped for a second on the flowers. However, I persisted, and though none of the shots areContinue reading “Bees Wings”

Wasp Beetle with Attitude

This tough-looking creature was spotted in the garden yesterday evening. He wasn’t phased at all that Bruce tried to catch him in a plastic pot, and just looked up at me with this “what you looking at?” kind of attitude! He is a very nice specimen of a Wasp Beetle – very striking and colourful,Continue reading “Wasp Beetle with Attitude”

Garden Pinks

Remember how much I like the Sea Pinks (or Thrift)? Well now I have them in my own garden! Last weekend we bought a couple of plants for the garden and this was one of them. So now I don’t have to go to the beach to enjoy them 🙂 We also planted lavender whichContinue reading “Garden Pinks”

at the top of the garden

there’s a spot, now at the top of the garden that’s ours where we sit with a tea (for me) and a coffee (for you) to survey the scene and ponder the next wave of the battle to take back this space (so neglected) and I imagine as I sit all the bees and theContinue reading “at the top of the garden”

Spanish Bluebells

I was having a little wander round the garden with my camera this evening when I got home and thought I’d take some close up shots of the Spanish Bluebells. I didn’t realise that the blue ones even have blue stamens! Double the blue – lovely. We also have some white ones which are veryContinue reading “Spanish Bluebells”