Introducing The Barley Hollow Project

I’m proud to introduce you to The Barley Hollow Project. This is a project created by my daughter for her Welsh Bacc at school. She needs to do 30 hours of community work and she’s decided to work on improving the wildlife area in our village. This is where I have taken a lot of…… Continue reading Introducing The Barley Hollow Project

Imperfect Perfection

Last weekend I bought myself an Anemone plant. It was already flowering with lots of buds so I was excited to get it into the ground. Since then it has rained a lot and when I went out to take photos of them yesterday, they were looking a bit battered. The ground beneath was strewn…… Continue reading Imperfect Perfection


Today contained a fair bit of pain and bone-tiredness, but it also contained moments of joy. One of these was looking at plants with my daughter in a shop in town. We walked out into the outside area where the plants are and pretty much the first thing I saw was an Anemone! Just the…… Continue reading Anemone


While at Compton Acres, I was enjoying the Anemones, and I’ve decided that I must get some for the garden (as well as the Cyclamens). I nearly bought a plant in the shop there, but then thought that carrying it back on the bus might be a little inconvenient. There’s something very appealing about them.…… Continue reading Amemones


After my post about the Snake’s Head Fritillary, I thought I might show you another flower that changes a fair bit once it is done flowering. This is a Scabious as you would normally see it: The Scabious flower is not really a single flower at all, it’s a head containing many florets (small flowers). If…… Continue reading Scabious

Snake’s Head Fritillary

On 5th May I bought a Snake’s Head Fritillary from No.21 Flowers (a gorgeous little florist  in Aberystwyth). Well, technically it was more than one, but they came together in a pot. Snake’s Head Fritillary is a strange and beautiful flower that looks like it’s not really of this world. When I’ve posted pictures before,…… Continue reading Snake’s Head Fritillary

Blooming Wheelbarrow

We have an old wheelbarrow with a broken wheel. It was no good to anyone so we were thinking it needed to go to the tip. But Bruce had a bright idea to turn it into something beautiful… So Bruce drilled some holes, me and my daughter did some shopping, and between us we made…… Continue reading Blooming Wheelbarrow