Gardens on Fire

Not really on fire of course, but the colours of these flowers are like fire in the beautifully planted Lower Gardens in Bournemouth. The Upper Gardens are more wild and lovely in a different way but in the Lower Gardens its more formal with neatly planted beds. The colours were looking vibrant a couple ofContinue reading “Gardens on Fire”

A constellation of stars

There were lots of those starry flowers, of various colours, all very pretty. I’ve chosen this shot to share with you as I like the lines of the petals and how they’re criss-crossing eachother. And the colour of the central one contrasting against the bright pinks behind. And just because I like it 🙂

Starry Flower

There were some nice flowerbeds in the grounds of the castle and I got a few shots of some flowers there on our short walk yesterday. These caught my eye as there was a larger flowerbed full of loads of these bright stars of flowers. Of all my shots I like this one the best,Continue reading “Starry Flower”

Macro Droplet Heaven

There hasn’t been a lot of macro going on here lately has there? Although I have been using the macro lens for various wildlife instead! But today I bring you some macro shots I took in Bournemouth before I got so excited about the squirrels, ducks, gulls and pigeons 🙂 It was a damp morning,Continue reading “Macro Droplet Heaven”