Among Nature’s Chaos

Back in June I was finding tiny grasshoppers among the chaos of grass stems. I remember that joyful feeling of walking along and seeing tiny creatures springing about, then getting down close to the ground and seeing so many tiny hoppers peeking out at me from various stems.




More recently I’ve enjoyed photographing the chaos of ferns where you rarely find a lone frond with a quiet background. It’s mostly fern on fern on fern, with various other stalks and trees thrown in. But if you can get the focus right you can draw out one frond and bring a little order to the chaos.



I love catching the light shining through the fronds.


Back in the summer I noticed this one lone flower on the Frogbit in my pond. Otherwise it was just a chaos of little mini lily pads, but this one flower stood out among the chaos.


And finally, a chaotic scene of scabious flowers, and in the middle of the chaos the age-old story plays out of continuing the species.


Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos


Delicate Droplets

Sunday started out rather wet. Later on when the rain stopped and the sun came out, the droplets were calling to me! As it was a still day the droplet just hung there even on the most delicate of plants.

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Icy Bug’s Eye View

Today I awoke to a sprinkling of snow and/or hail. The weather has been decidedly wintry lately, though we haven’t had a good snowfall, just a sprinkling here and there. The pond is frozen over and it’s very chilly. I went out to have a look and see what I could see (as I do!) and decided to get down low and look at all the ice in the grass. Luckily for me we have a little tiny tripod type thing which you can screw into the bottom of the camera, plus my camera has a flip screen and live view … I say luckily as the alternative would have been to lie on my belly in the icy grass to get these shots! I also had a low tech solution of a plastic bag to kneel on and avoid getting soggy jeans! My leg is now more sore than usual, but never mind, it was worth it 🙂

IMG_9894-Edit IMG_9906-Edit IMG_9911-Edit IMG_9917-Edit IMG_9921-Edit IMG_9927-Edit IMG_9928-Edit

Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

We had a little walk yesterday when the rain showers took a break, and I went grasshopper hunting again. I only managed to spot one but he was pretty co-operative and let me take a few shots. This one is a Common Green Grasshopper, an especially green one it seems, blending with the green green grass very well (not quite a ninja this time).

And here’s Mr Grasshopper’s close-up:

And if the title of this post has got you singing, here’s a bit of Tom Jones

soft rain

soft rain
a cloud so heavy
it fell to earth
enveloping us
in vapour
and the tall meadow grass
is bowed
beneath a burden
of jewelled droplets
and the hills
fade out
blurred green
under the
soft rain

Lush Droplets

The weather has been a little better today. The sun shone on the very wet garden and I couldn’t resist … droplets! I love how these photos came out – lovely reflections and such a lush green off all the grass around it. Well worth getting the bottom of my jeans wet for!



Evening Grass


I took these last night as the light was shining through the grass and making it glow. I had to get down really low but I think it was worth it! 🙂


Tiny Mushroom



I must find more tiny mushrooms. Lovely little things.

Macro Pony

This evening my daughter wanted me to help her by taking some photographs of her model horses in natural surroundings. If you follow her blog you may see some more of these shots there soon, but for now this one was my favourite. This model is a new one that she bought by saving up money that she gets for cleaning out the guinea pigs every week 🙂


Bees & Grass

In a bid to avoid my blog being entirely filled with butterflies, I shall try and make sure to include some other photos from time to time. The thing is that the Buddleia is blooming madly and the garden is full of butterflies so it’s hard to resist taking yet more shots of them. If you were to look at my Flickr stream you’d see the results! However, I have taken shots of other things … like these bees … which I am rather pleased with. I’m happy with the way the bee and flower stand out against the blurred grass in each of these 🙂




Morning Raindrops

We had some rain yesterday and overnight after a long dry period. The plants were crying out for it and so was I if I’m honest – the heat has been too much for me. This morning the sun was shining and the garden was covered in droplets so we had to pop out and get some photos. Not all of them turned out well, but these are some that did…

Here’s some droplets on a blade of grass that are catching the light of the sun beautifully. It kind of looks like I might have photoshopped the sparkles in, but I promise I didn’t!


Here’s a grass flower all covered in droplets, and if you look closely towards the tip, you’ll see that there is a bug in the big droplet! I think it must be an aphid, and I hope it’s swimming, not drowning in there!


More droplets on grass here, but the droplets have reflections of alchemilla flowers in them so they look a bit different.


And one last photo of droplets on another blade of grass. In this one I like the way there’s a droplet with a lovely sun-sparkle in it as well as another to the right with a bit of rainbow bokeh as well!