Sun Sparkles

I went for a brief walk today. It was hot and sunny, too hot for me really, but I wanted to visit the village pond and see if there were any dragonflies. I didn’t stay long, but got a few shots. I have been having a bit of trouble with my auto-focus, and was a…… Continue reading Sun Sparkles

Grasshopper Hide-and-Seek

Grasshoppers seem to taunt me at times… I can hear them but I can’t see them. However today I was lucky enough to track down a couple of them in the garden. They seem to be aware when they’re being watched and sometimes shuffle around a blade of grass to hide. When you move left,…… Continue reading Grasshopper Hide-and-Seek

Vivid Nature

vivid producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind (of a colour) intensely deep or bright. I was thinking about this word as I went for my walk today, and was looking out for some vivid colours… How about the vivid yellows, pinks and greens in the meadow? Or perhaps the vivid blues…… Continue reading Vivid Nature

Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

We had a little walk yesterday when the rain showers took a break, and I went grasshopper hunting again. I only managed to spot one but he was pretty co-operative and let me take a few shots. This one is a Common Green Grasshopper, an especially green one it seems, blending with the green green…… Continue reading Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

Ninja Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are very easy to hear but less easy to see. Sometimes on walks I spend a lot of time stalking grasshoppers with varying results. Grasshopper demonstrating camouflage with blades of grass: Grasshopper turning its back to me in annoyance that its camouflage failed: Grasshopper trying to blend in and nearly succeeding: Grasshopper leaving the…… Continue reading Ninja Grasshoppers

A different angle

I took this photo nearly 2 weeks ago but hadn’t got around to posting it yet. I was trying to photograph this grasshopper when it decided to crawl away. I was about to move on when it posed here on a stalk of grass in this unusual position which I thought was kind of cool.…… Continue reading A different angle